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What is meant by "rejected" in Rejected Religion? Put simply, it's everything that has been considered 'heretical' or 'forbidden' by the dominant religions throughout Western history. Think of terms such as 'the occult' or 'the esoteric'  and all that can be located in that area - magical practices such as witchcraft; alternate worldviews such as Satanism; systems such as astrology and tarot; the use of hallucinogenic substances for 'spiritual' growth; or well-known people such as Aleister Crowley -- this is just a small sample of the larger 'esoteric' category that this platform addresses. 

I'm Stephanie Shea, founder/creator of Rejected Religion. I hold a Research Master in Religious Studies from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My resesarch interests are located in the areas of Western esotericism, and emergent identity groups. During the course of my studies, I realized that there was a gap between the plethora of information being produced by academics and the mainstream public. This platform acts as a bridge, with the goal to bring these two spheres closer together by offering podcast interviews, YouTube videos, blog posts, book reviews, plus a wide array of information that focuses on the ways that 'the esoteric' is found within popular culture. My motto is "illuminating the obscure"  -- I strive to provide a historical viewpoint that aims to share information and to highlight misconceptions surrounding all things 'esoteric' or 'occult' in an engaging and entertaining way -- no stuffy, boring lectures, but instead, down-to-earth discussions about topics that are often vague and therefore misunderstood. I aim to provide something for everyone by offering a broad scope of topics. I also intend to include discussions about my own area of research into other-than-human identities. My hope is that this platform can offer the opportunity for experts to share their knowledge in an enjoyable, accessible way in order to promote understanding. May all those who enter here leave feeling enriched and enlightened!  

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