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Discussion with Artist Ewoud van Rijn

Saturday, October 2nd, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Ewoud van Rijn about his instillation at Garage Rotterdam’s ‘The Great Invocation’ exhibition. Ewoud shared his deep, synchronistic connection to the surrealist artist Kurt Seligmann (featured image) and how his work in this show is a dialogue with Seligmann and his art. I am deeply grateful to Ewoud for taking so much time to share his very special perspectives, and for giving some background as to how some of his pieces were created. A fascinating process that left me wondering if Seligmann hadn’t been with Ewoud in spirit during those very intimate moments of creation. Thank you, Ewoud!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the curator of the exhibition, Pàdraic Moore. To my delight, Pàdraic and Ewoud have agreed to do an interview with me soon! I’ll keep you updated on that.

There was also an evening program…more posts will follow to share about that event!

The Great Invocation at Garage Rotterdam showing until November 7th!


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