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Garage Rotterdam Highlights 2

Ewoud van Rijn was another presenter at the Garage Rotterdam evening program on October 2nd. He spoke about his relationship and dialogue with Kurt Seligmann, the surrealist specialist on magic and the occult, and how he had ‘adopted’ Seligmann as his ‘artistic ancestor.’ The special dialogue is reflected in the work showcased in The Great Invocation Exhibition. Ewoud proposes Seligman as ‘a precursor of two fields currently emerging in contemporary art – artistic research and post-secular art.’ Ewoud contextualizes his own work with these two fields, and this can be seen in his manipulated reproduction of Seligmann’s Environs of the Chateau d’Argol, the ‘Argol Collages,’ and the ‘Ancestor Worship’ series, for example.

Artist Ruchama Noorda showed a performative PowerPoint presentation titled, ‘RX.’ This title refers both to ‘Rx’ being used in electronics to refer to a ‘receiver’ as well as the abbreviation for prescriptions derived from the Latin word for ‘recipe.’

The Great Invocation is showing until November 7, 2021 at Garage Rotterdam. Tickets for sale online.

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