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Illuminating the Obscure
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Spotlight Episodes (A Case of Forgetfulness 2)

As Elena discusses, 'real vampyres' are those who feel a physical need to consume energy, whether it be blood or 'psychic' energy. As her research takes an inclusive, sexuological perspective, Elena suggests that this might be a sexual orientation for some. Her research into fetish identity explores the possible connections between this identity and vampyrism, as her data indicates that fetish identity is not a mental pathology, not a choice, and is not necessarily paired with sexual activity. She further notes that some religious and/or spiritual practices can sometimes assist in forming a framework for a person's identity - providing in some cases a safe place to explore this identity. While this is a very complex topic with no easy answers, Elena stresses that 'sexual diversity awareness' can help educate others, create realistic representations regarding the diversity of identity, and help to foster a sense of inclusiveness.

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