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SPOTLIGHT Interview with Sue Terry A new Spotlight interview, this time with the fabulous Sue Terry, is now available! Sue Terry has an MA from the University of Surrey where her dissertation was _The Magician Goes Further: The Occult Oblique View in the Short Fiction of Mary Butts_. Sue is now a PhD candidate at Surrey researching feminist occult modernist novels of the 20th century, and she is teaching open access courses in "Literature and the Weird" through her new venture Owl House Seminars. Sue co-founded the Magickal Women Conference in 2018 and after almost five successful years as director, she stepped down in January 2023 in order focus on her doctoral research, on Owl House Seminars, and her writing on the fiction of Alan Garner, which is destined to become a book. In this interview, Sue begins by talking about her rich history with the Magickal Women Conferences. We then move the conversation to her new venture, and Sue gives us a sneak preview of several upcoming seminars that she has planned. She then shares about her PhD research that investigates female literary responses to occult ideas and practices, and we close with an interesting look into her research and writing about the author Alan Garner. Sue is a wonderful storyteller and I found this discussion fascinating and extremely engaging!

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