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Spotlight Katy Bohinc & The Ratio Project: Astrology and Data Science

Katy Bohinc is a poet, data scientist, marketer, avant-garde publisher, astrologer, and founder of The Ratio platform and project. The Ratio team is studying astrology on a large scale with the help of data science. Similar to the work of Michel Gauquelin, French statistician and astrologer, The Ratio is now attempting to gather as much 'big data' as possible in order to test common assumptions and understandings within Astrology, as well as possibly offering up new patterns of human traits and behaviors, as well as deeper understandings of astrological charts. Those who are interested to add their own information to the database, please visit to find out your own 'Celebrity Astro Twin'. The website also provides much more information about the project as well as options for people to offer support. For those who are interested to learn more about Katy and her poetry works, please visit

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