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Summer School 2022 - 'Arcane Worlds'

HHP SUMMER SCHOOL - UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM PROMO VIDEO Come join us this summer for our Summer School! This is an on-campus (3 weeks) advanced programme taking place in Amsterdam. WHEN: Saturday 9 July - Friday 29 July 2022 Admissions deadline: Friday 1 April 2022. Our SUMMER SCHOOL instructors: - J. Christian Greer - Marco Pasi - Mriganka Mukhopadhyay - Peter Forshaw - Wouter Hanegraaff - Liana Saif - Dylan Burns PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION “The study of esotericism is a broad and many-faceted field. In the past, it has been described as 'othered knowledge', and esotericism has often been treated as a fringe pseudo-science, or at best, forgotten or obsolete knowledge. However, in recent years, there has been a steadily growing movement within the academy to study esotericism in its many expressions within a scholarly framework. Arcane Worlds is an advanced-level summer programme with the goal of bringing together participants who are passionate about the esoteric and the occult, enabling them to delve deeply into how these studies, traditions, and related currents can be comprehended through developing a flexible yet rigorous scholarly framework. Throughout this programme, participants will make use of primary sources, as well as secondary literature that clarify the way in which esoteric ideas have circulated and continue to circulate in both mainstream culture and more marginal contexts. These traditions are diverse, and are drawn upon by many historical, cultural, scientific, religious, and artistic movements and expressions, and have come to permeate many aspects of historical and contemporary life…” For all info, click the link:

This video was produced in collaboration with Stephanie Shea, owner of Rejected Religion. SHOW LESS

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