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Visions of the Occult Summer School | New Instructors!

The deadline to the 'Visions of the Occult' Summer School is fast approaching! You can apply until May 1st - slots are filling quickly! The HHP Centre is proud to announce two new instructors to the team - Dr. Liana Saif (Islamic Esotericism) and Dr. Dylan Burns (Gnosticism). Link to the summer school online course: Summer course: Visions of the Occult - Introduction to Western Esotericism - History of Hermetic Philosophy ( Video produced by Stephanie Shea, MA (res) of Rejected Religion, in collaboration with the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents (HHP Centre), located at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Music credits (free use): 'Find Your Way Beat' by Nana Kwabena SHOW LESS

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