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Spotlight Freek Wallagh & Death and Rebirth Ritual Art Festival - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Freek Wallagh is a poet, writer, painter, cultural organizer, and political scientist who lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His work centers on the dynamics (especially with regard to art & politics) of more obscure areas of life where counterculture meets the occult. Freek conducts interviews with people from all forms of 'nightlife', and attempts in his work to forge new appreciations for cultural expressions that have not always been appreciated or haven't received the credit they deserve. Culture, for Freek, is that which by its very existence causes a threat to the status quo. Freek studies the power dynamics between the two, and his research delves into the differences between 'the establishment' and subversive groups with regard to 'moral' pattern or 'monopolies on truth' (such as those found in churches, universities, massive media outlets, etc.). Freek will be presenting at the upcoming Death and Rebirth Ritual Art Festival in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, that is taking place March 10-12, 2023. His focus will be on cultural and political dynamics of underground art in the city of Amsterdam, the change that happens to those who live in the city, as well as the changes of the city itself. Freek explores the relationship between that which is hidden and that which is shown, and the interconnectedness of everything. Informed by different mediums of practices like meditation and hypnotism, Freek will be blending rhythm, music, poetry and storytelling in his presentations. Sound interesting to you? If you are in the Amsterdam area, you're welcome to attend! Please visit for more information, and to purchase tickets.

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